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Fresh Starts, New Beginnings...

Hello my Dear Friend! I pray that this message finds you well! It is hard to believe that we are already in the month of June of this not so new year. LOL By this point in a year many of us have often faced numerous challenges, struggles and triumphs in our lives. Rightfully so we are looking forward to the summer months... A time for vacations, get aways, a slower paced life, even if it is only for this small moment in time. We look at the summer months as an opportunity to refresh, re-group, re-charge and to get fired up for Fresh Starts and New Beginnings to come... Make a summer bucket list. Joint down the things that you want to do and or accomplish this summer. Number them by importance or significance to you. Make a commitment to try and at least complete the ones that you have listed as top priorities. Be patient with yourself and understand that if you do not get to them all this summer you can add them to your wish list for the remainder of the year and work to create a plan to achieving them by year's end. At Just A Journey and The Healing Place we are gearing up for a number of Fresh Starts and New Beginnings during these summer months as well; Programs, Tools and Events to assist you on your journey. I encourage you to stay connected and to plug in to the opportunities that will come. Summer is for fun and we've got a lot of it in store for you! Enjoy your self, be safe and get ready to do something new and exciting. Don't worry so much about the details of it all, just do it. You deserve it and you are worth it!​

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