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Getting to Know
Ms. Jackson

Relationship/Career/Family/Mind Body Spirit

Ms. Jackson has an immense passion for children and families. Upon graduating from high school she attended the University of Georgia and in 2001 graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology. She obtained her Master’s degree in counseling psychology from the University of West Alabama in 2007, and later completed an add on certificate in School Guidance Counseling through the University of West Alabama as well.


Before becoming a therapist she spent 8 years working in the field of education where she developed her educational philosophy of “teaching the whole child,” realizing that more than what is presented at school defines who a child is. It is Ms. Jackson’s belief that many of the reasons why children are not successful academically and socially stem from issues and or incidents that occur at home with their families.


As a result she entered into the Marriage and Family Therapy certification program at Argosy University in Atlanta, to obtain additional skills to be used in assisting families to create strategies that will eventually help the entire family succeed and reach their goals. In 2008 Ms. Jackson completed this program and today is a certified marriage and family therapist. 

In 2017 Ms. Jackson earned her credentials as a Board Certified TeleMental Health Provider (BC-TMH) and became a Certified Professional Counselor Supervisor (CPCS) in 2018.


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Journey/Transformation/Balance /Confidence

From 2008 - 2018 Ms. Jackson owned and operated Just A Journey Counseling & Psychological Services, LLC a comprehensive behavioral health agency servicing the Metro Atlanta area. Her overall view of therapy is that the therapists’ role is to provide encouragement and to assist clients in changing their thought process and behavior to achieve a specific goal or outcome. Nikhol continues to believe in the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy model with a belief that people can bring about change in their lives by first changing their thoughts and beliefs.


In January of 2013 Ms. Jackson began airing “The Healing Place” Internet Radio Show, later known as The Nikhol B. Jackson Radio Show.  In June of 2015 she launched The Nikhol B. Jackson Show on People TV Comcast Channel 24. The Nikhol B. Jackson Radio and Television Shows served as “fun and informative shows exploring various mental health & wellness topics for daily living.” Each week Ms. Jackson and guest(s) explored different topics to help enrich the lives of their audience.


Ms. Jackson is the current owner of the Total Transformation Institute, LLC or TTI for short. TTI is an institution of learning that is designed to promote the personal and professional growth and development of it's clients through services such as Counseling, Coaching, Creating Confidence - Image Consulting, Workshops, Seminars and Trainings. She also provides Clinical Supervision to Master Level Clinicians seeking full Clinical Licensure (LPC, LCSW, LMFT) in the State of Georgia and Clinical Consultation to fully Licensed Professional Counselors seeking support and guidance professionally and personally.

In the Fall of 2020 Mrs. Jackson opened "Boujee Bouteeq" an Image & Styling Bouteeq where Fashion & Self-Confidence meet!" At Boujee Bouteeq customers have an opportunity to shop Modern and Vintage Unique Finds curated to assist them in obtaining tailored, polished looks by day and edgy, free spirted looks by night or vice versa if they like. Image Consulting and Styling services are available through the Creating Confidence - Image Consulting program designed to empower others to "Look Good and Feel Good " from the Inside Out! 

Nikhol is currently accepting NEW Counseling, Coaching & Image Consulting Clients. 

Private Life Coaching

Seminars & Workshops


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