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                Professional Counseling


Professional Counseling uses talk therapy a.k.a. psychotherapy to assist individuals in working through various psychological and behavioral concerns. Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC) revisit an individual's past to explore the possibility of current behaviors being linked to past experiences in order to find healing.


Situations when Professional Counseling is a better option…

  • I am in an abusive relationship and need guidance and support.

  • I am battling with an addiction.

  • I have uncontrollable emotions and find myself crying on a regular basis.

  • I have not resolved childhood trauma.

  • I suffer from depression and feel helpless.

Rates Per Service 

90 Minute Initial Assessment - $175

60 Minute Individual Counseling Session - $125

60 Minute Family Counseling Session - $150

***Package Rates are Available 

**We Currently Accept Evernorth (Cigna) & Evernorth (Cigna) EAP Health Insurance.

*FSA & HSA payment cards are accepted.





Coaching differs from psychotherapy in that more focus is on the present and future and not so much the past. Some time will be spent exploring the events and challenges from your past, but the process will not linger there for much time. The lessons from your past will be applied to ways you can make positive changes in your life moving forward.

Situations when Coaching is a better option…

  • I am a high-functioning individual who feels held back or stuck

          in a certain part of my personal life and career.

  • I am ready to take my life to the next level, e.g. figure out my life purpose, new career, new relationship.

  • I am ready and able to take action and want the accountability and support to keep me moving forward.


Specialized Coaching Services:

  • Individual Transformation Coaching

  • Career Coaching & Planning for Counselors 


Rates Per Service 

90 Minute Initial Coaching Assessment - $175

60 Minute Individual Coaching Session - $125

60 Minute Family Coaching Session - $150

*Package Rates are Available 



Consultation is an interactive process intended to facilitate professional growth, and provide feedback and support to licensed mental health professionals. Consultees will receive timely information & support for your areas of interest.

Consultees can ask questions, explore alternatives, address ethical concerns and receive feedback and suggestions on your supervisory and/or therapeutic interventions; in addition to program and practice development interests.


                                               Eligibility & Requirements For Consultation

This service is offered to independently Licensed Mental Health professionals who are seeking consultation to:

  • Enhance and support the quality of their clinical services;

  • Facilitate intentional professional development;

  • Advance individual and/or business visibility;

  • Develop your practice niche;

  • Develop business strategy;

  • Case consultation and ethical dilemmas.

*Rates For Clinical Consultation Vary.

*Submit a Request For Services form for more information.

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